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Professional Measuring Systems

Increment borers, diameter calipers, height meters and rangefinders, software, complete systems...

Haglöf Sweden offers quality products designed to improve accuracy and efficiency in your field measurement work. With our skilled and curious development team, our in-house manufacturing expertise, a dedicated marketing unit, and support and service teams that truly understand your demands, we will work together with you: Our professional, experienced, knowledgeable customers - to find a measurement solution that really works for you, and for your entire organization!


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Haglöf Sweden® manufactures quality measurement instruments and systems for forest and field pro's.

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The EC II-D - your digital favorite in the forest – now with distance calculation function!…


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New Laser Geo rangefinder with built-in GPS, compass, Bluetooth and USB 2.0. …


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The MD II- Rugged, modern, digital Bluetooth® diameter caliper!…


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Slope Corrector - accurate readings on horizontal plot radius.…


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Use Haglöf Sweden's TrailBlazer® together with your standard compass - and find boundaries in the fo…


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All you need in a Rangefinder and Hypsometer.…


News from Haglöf Sweden

  • Catalogs 2017 and 2018

    Download the new catalogs

    pdf Software Catalog English 2017 (3.12 MB)

    pdf Mjukvarukatalog Svenska 2017 (2.52 MB)

  • New Products from Haglöf Sweden

    Several ground-breaking product releases were made by Haglöf Sweden on the big Elmia Wood Expo in June.

    Read more ...  
  • Elmia Wood 2017

    Elmia Wood is the world's largest forestry fair - and Haglöf Sweden have participated as exhibitors since early 1980ies! Come to our stand no 525, meet our great staff and see some really exciting new products!

    Mark your calendars for June 7-10 2017, Elmia Wood, Jönköping, Sweden! For more info, see https://www.elmia.se/en/wood/ 



  • MD II upgraded!

    The secure memory in the MD II Caliper has room for thousands of captured tree diameters and heights.

    In the upgraded version you can name up to 100 individual tree species in a simple text file on your PC or straight in the MD II caliper.

    MDII Iconer 1240x840

    Use up to seven Roman letters to name each of your species. When in the forest, select your species for the particular tree and measure and register its diameter with the MD II caliper. Complete your data input with a height measurement result from the Vertex IV or VL5 instrument, that you transfer to the MD II memory with IR. The new MD II version also offers an icon-based menu: easy to learn, easy to work with!

  • DP SCANNER a new ADD-ON for the computer calipers

    Use the DP Scanner to scan barcodes with the DP II or Digitech Professional computer caliper. Together with an adapted software application, the DP Scanner becomes fully integrated with your caliper. Read More DP SCANNER.  

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