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Use the DP Scanner to scan barcodes with the DP II Computer Caliper or Digitech® Professional caliper. Together with an adapted software application, the DP Scanner becomes fully integrated with your caliper.


TaggarLoggs550x840The DP Scanner offers reliable performance in various light conditions and has sturdy construction to resist mechanic shocks. A 50 degree scan angle enables high capacity reading of barcodes also where space and reach is limited.

With the DP Scanner module on your DP caliper and software you can scan and automatically read barcodes, either on paper or LCD screens such as mobile phone, tablet and PC monitor fildena prix. Short wavelength red LED illumination enhances visibility when aiming and a built-in decoder enables the scan engine to decode barcodes after scanning and output the information via a serial communication interface.

Download product leaflet here:  pdf DP Scanner Product sheet ENU (930 KB)

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